Bring the Shore Into Your Home With Beach Style Decorating

Coastal Decor

Whether you are decorating your beach house or just trying to create that summer atmosphere in a room in your home, coastal decorating is a great way to create that shore feeling. For anyone that has never decorated with a coastal theme, they will quickly learn that beach style decorating can actually be a lot of fun.

In additions to being fun, you will find that coastal decorating is also extremely easy. It is not one of those themes that will take a professional to do. More than likely, you can get all the ideas you need by talking to some of your neighbors. Enjoy that ocean air and introduce yourself to your fellow shore residents and get a peek inside. When you see something that you really like, talk to them about where they got their furnishings and you are well on your way.

Since you are probably decorating your vacation home (assuming this is a sea shore property), remember that beach style decorating is going to be all about setting a fun and enjoyable tone. This is not a formal decorating tone like Italian or French, this is something that says relax and have a good time. Think Jimmy Buffet here and you are on the right track. You want your house to tell you that the first and only concern you need to have is when you are going to get that first margarita in your hand.

Coastal decorating is also gives you a lot of options to explore. One room may have ocean prints, the next could be filled up sea shells and then another with different knick knacks that reflect the area that you live in. You pick the part about the setting that you like the most and run with it!

Now you would not expect someone in New York City to decorate their whole house like this, but it is not out of the realm for them to a sitting area or a bathroom in this manner. It is a rare occasion that you will see one of these types of rooms decorated in a dark fashion so this is a great option.

If you really look at it, why would this not be a great option? Imagine being in the middle of December when the snow is falling and you are longing for the days when you were on your float with a cocktail. Just fill up the tub with some warm water in your coastal decorated bathroom, make a frozen drink and drift away to a better time. There is nothing wrong with losing yourself for a couple of hours to get that good vibe back again and beach style decorating can help you do just that!

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