Entertain In Style With Coastal Wine Glasses

Coastal Decor

Coastal wine glasses bring the coast straight to you. It can include various designs and changes in shape, color or physical designs upon the glass. It can also be made with various materials like crystal. The material of the glass affects the look and appeal of the glass to its owner. The heavier the material, the more the wine has an ability to breathe when swirled in the bowl portion of the glass.

A wine glass comes in handy in a number of situations. A wine glass is perfect for enjoying your beverage whether you are entertaining guests or relaxing by a fire. The main purpose of the glass is to protect the drink from spilling and add to it for the maximum level of enjoyment. If you are simply enjoying a beverage with dinner, shape and design often do not matter.

A coastal wine glass can come in a number of shapes. Most wine glasses can hold between eight to twelve ounces. The glass can be tall with a stem in a cylindrical shape or stemless and round. Glass shape is often the key holder to perception. The stem can also be short or long and its use depends on the flavor and temperature of the drink and the owner of the glass.

When a glass contains a stem it is used to keep fingerprints off the glass and to keep the temperature of chilled beverages low. By using a white wine, which is often chilled, the use of a stem or stemless is unaffected by body heat and remains cold.

A coastal decorative glass will often contain designs on it. The designs are placed on the foot of the glass which is attached to the stem. A design can be as simple as ocean waves or as complex a design as various creatures of the sea. It is a reminder of the things that are found at or near the beach or sea.

Some of the best beverages are held in glasses that are clear in color and may contain a design on the stem of the glass. Size, shape and thickness are all aspects that affect the taste of the wine. Those same features differ from flavor to flavor. For a dry red or white wine, a longer stem glass is preferred for ultimate flavor.

To protect the design of the glass it is best to hand wash it instead of using a dish washing device. A dishwasher can leave scratches and take away from the design. Depending on the occasion or personal preference, the glass may also contain a design on the bowl of the glass. A coastal design can either be purchased at a store or turned into an arts and craft project to add a personal touch to the glass.

Coastal designs add personality and spunk to any glass. They are perfect for entertaining guests or as a reminder of the amazing things coastal living has to offer. Coastal wine glasses should only be used on stemware so they do not distract from the flavor of the beverage. It can be used as the perfect gift or party accent for coastal lovers. Add more style and appeal by arranging beach placemats and other coastal tabletop decor throughout the room.

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